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Jennifer Barrios

Jennyfer Barrios Jennyfer and Juan Pablo

Born in San Jose, California to an American mother and a Spanish father, Jennifer grew up in a household where art was not only appreciated, but also seen as a vital part of education and life. Outside their more traditional occupations, her mother sang in a classical choir and her father was a painter and sculptor.  She participated in plays growing up and took the obligatory piano lessons, but she found her passion in the world of dance.  Later, realizing the life of a professional dancer was not in her cards, she decided to study her other love, fashion.  This took her from California to Paris and back where she then worked for Quiksilver, taking part in the repositioning of the men’s brand and the launch of the women’s collection.

Restless for a new adventure, Jennifer and her husband, Juan Pablo, decided to leave everything behind and travel around the world for 8 months.  Travel was not necessarily an escape; rather a journey into other cultures to ensure the world would not escape them.

Throughout her life, as for many of us, photography has been about capturing moments to document memories.  However, at some point along the way, it became more than that.  It became about framing the world as she saw it…in a particular light, at a particular angle, with a unique perspective.

Jennifer aims to capture what she sees as beautiful or interesting, but she also strives to unearth what may be behind the surface, to reveal that and to evoke an emotion with her images.

Juan Pablo Romero

Juan Pablo Romero

Juan Pablo considers himself lucky to be a Mexican, to have great friends in many places of the world, but most of all to be an “irregular” son (in the words of his mother).

Juan Pablo was born to a Mexican family of six. It was here where he was taught to see and live more and to care for others. “My parents say they gave us wings, but I think they gave us more than that.” The influence of his friends in Guadalajara and Monterrey, and the books he read, widened his already open spirit and mind and increased his craving to learn more, to see more, to live more and to help.

After living in four different countries, in eight different cities, including a refugee camp, and traveling through over 50 countries in all continents, he has learned to appreciate and love the different cultures and traditions in every place.

He developed his love for photography when he visited Africa, the continent that stole half of his Mexican heart. He was amazed by the landscapes, the colors and the sunsets, but what really shocked him were the people. Here is where he developed the love to photograph people.

He aspires to create images to share the emotions he felt from the expressions, the eyes, the wrinkles, the smiles and the tears, the sadness and the joy of the people in the places he has seen.